Christmas Cheer

Christmas 2016 will be soon upon us and it certainly feels not so long ago we were thinking the same last year. It has been a ‘odd’ sort of year and with the British pound losing ground to other market currencies recently a probable rise in price of imported goods from European markets due to Brexit is envisaged. We expect that overall, prices in the hair and beauty industry will increase more than we would normally expect. Certainly many of our industry ‘wet’ products are currently obtained from within the European market and already we are seeing increases from some of our suppliers above that what we would expect. Maybe now is a very good time to buy in any extra stock in before inevitable price increases in the New Year onwards.

Salon Sales will always attempt to give the best possible competitive prices for our products to all our customers and with this in mind why not have another look at our current items for sale. We believe in giving good prices to our customers all year around not just during so called ‘Vat free’ sales like some of our competitors. As many of you will already know sales of items within the Vat band always have Vat applied to them and if those ‘Vat free’ sales were actually really ‘free’, some industry suppliers would certainly be getting a not so friendly visit from HMRC. Only massive corporations seem to be able get away with ‘Tax avoidance’ and all businesses in the small and medium bracket on the UK stage certainly have little choice but to pay their tax dues on all sales.

As a trade wholesale supplier, all the items on our website are initially displayed without VAT added. During the check out process a summery page will show the total cost payable inclusive of VAT. Because businesses normally can claim the Vat element back on their purchases the true cost to the business is shown initially without the Vat applied.

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you.

Beauty machines for treatments

Within an ever advancing equipment range for high end beauty treatments are items which use radio frequency for skin tightening and body contouring. This is one of the fastest growing segments within the beauty industry. Versatile and efficient devices which are simple and safe with minimum recovery time.

Another popular type of beauty treatment uses electrolifting for face and body. This can produce visible results with facial lifting and muscular toning for either face or face and body.

Another treatment is Electroepilation using Apilus radio frequency. This method allows complete and 100 percent permanent hair removal. The insertion of a probe in the hair follicle and an ultra fast radiofrequency current leads to the destruction of cells responsible for hair regrowth. Ideal for treating small areas, eyebrows and fine hairs, as well as clients who cannot receive photoepilation treatments.

Photo-Rejuvenation treatments will diminish skin imperferations and give your client a youthful appearance. After only a few sessions, wrinkles, fine lines, large open pores, dark spots, couperose and red blemishes will be visibly reduced, also improves skin firmness by stimulating collagen-producing cells.

Apilus Radio Frequency for Therocoalagulation is another modern treatment. This is a precision treatment to coagulate superficial skin imperfections, reducing their appearance. Perfect for correcting vascular imperfections, telangiectasias, stellate angiomas, cherry angiomas, certain growths including papillomas and molluscums and pigmentary anomalies.

Also available to purchase are steam machines, Microdermabrasion machines, nail machines and many others, instrumental in maintaining beauty care. Many of these can be found via our Beauty Machines area on the website.

Gellux Gel Polish

After requests from our customers we are now stocking the Salon System Gellux nail gel  polish. A simple 30 second application gives up to fifteen days of no chip, no wear polish giving your fingers or toes a sparkling new look. It’s UV and LED compatible and comes with a great choice of glossy, colour perfect shades.

Devil Red
Devil Red

Available in-store or to buy on our website [ Gellux online ].

New Crewe Orlando Furniture and equipment

Salon Sales are pleased to announce that the new updated range of Crewe Orlando salon equipment and furniture is now available to purchase from our main websites salon equipment and furniture section Many made to order quality terms of furniture have been added to their wide choice available while a few models have been discontinued. Most items are made to order in the UK but a few  items are  made to order in the laminate or fabric colour of your choice in Italy. This will  lead to bigger lead times than normal for a few of the products so it is always wise to plan ahead and call us for current delivery schedule so that any order can be place in good time prior to needs. Crewe Orlando items made to order in the UK can still take up to three weeks for delivery for items in colours which are not held as stock items.
Reception Desk Crewe Martinique Reception Desk

Jungle Fever Hair Colour

Salon Sales are introducing a new range of quality permanent tints called ‘Jungle Fever’ hair colour. Jungle Fever is replacing the ageing CDC Compagnia Del Colore range that was previously stocked.

Jungle Fever permanent colours are supplied in 100ml tubes and mixed with peroxide in the ratios of:-

1 part tint to 1.5 parts of peroxide for normal colouring and 1 part tint to 2.5 parts of peroxide for high lift colouring

This means a total mix of 250ml to 350mls which compared to 120ml to 150mls for standard 60ml colour tubes is over twice the amount of usable product at a much better price.

With over 114 shades this highly competitive range is sure to please.

With its distinctive black and white striped packaging this new Italian range of permanent colour is flying off the shelves. This new range is available from Here

Sulphate Shampoo

Many of our salon customers come into our cash and carry asking the same question. Which is the best shampoo for after-care customer colouring? It is part of the hairdressers role giving after-care advice to clients and recommending products so it is important that salon staff understand the importance of why only certain shampoo is good for coloured hair. Shampoo claimed to be good for coloured hair will always be sulphate free. Sulphate strips the hair of colour and can cause hair to dry out which is not something a customer wants to happen with hair that has had a colour process. While sulphate free shampoo’s are a lot better than none sulphate free the actual sulphate free shampoo you choose to recommend will probably very much depend upon what branding your salon uses. For example if your salon colours with Loreal hair colour it is probably good practice to recommend a sulphate free Loreal shampoo. However, the eventual choice is up to you!

New Men-ü Range of Men’s products

Salon Sales are now stocking the fabulous range of men-ü revolutionary high performance concentrated products. This range of fantastic mens products come in highly concentrated form and for some of their items they are available in handy ‘buddy’ size which is perfect for those travelling holidays where luggage space is a premium. Their ultra concentrated form facilitates the use of highly concentrated ingredients with the key to get them where needed most without waste. The concentrated formula means that you only need to use a very small amount. The products represent very good value. Also included in the men-ü line are some very high quality shaving brushes to help take shaving to the very next level! To check out our men-ü products click on the link to the men-ü wonderful range of mens grooming products.. Perfect to sell on in your salon to your customers.

Delivery information and advice

One of the issues we infrequently get faced with from time to time is a customer reporting damage to a delivered item many days after the item has been signed for as ‘received as good’. To complicate this, certain items we supply are made to order and the manufacturer themselves in certain instances deliver the goods on their own transport vehicles and have their own signatory system. It is imperative to enable ourselves sort out any delivery damage issue to your satisfaction that if items/boxes received show any sign of damage, you must sign for as DAMAGED and then check the goods immediately or even refuse the delivery and contact us. By doing this quickly we can quickly pursue a claim of the courier company.

It is good delivery information advice and good practice to sign for all deliveries as ‘UNCHECKED’ even if the packaging appears undamaged. We are aware that it is sometimes difficult to check the contents of the goods while the delivery courier is there, but a cursory check of the condition of the packaging is generally an easy task. Always check all sides of a parcel for damage. We have had instances here at Salon Sales when a delivery driver has brought packages to our goods in, placed the large boxes down but ensured that the side of the box that has been accidental ripped apart at the depot … is facing the wall!

All goods received should be carefully and fully checked out of their packaging within 24-36 hours and we should be informed of any problems immediately. Often we will require a photo of the damage especially if the item has been sent direct from the manufacturer who sometimes photograph items sent out . In most situations of this nature the carrier itself may be at fault for the damage and to help ourselves to be able to claim for this, it is imperative that these instructions are followed. Otherwise the courier who are a separate company to ourselves may claim that the goods were signed for as received and also state that the boxes were in perfect condition when you signed for them some ’3 weeks ago’.

One other issue to be aware of is that certain larger items may be delivered on a Pallet. A pallet delivery is a kerbside delivery and as far as the driver who offloads the pallet is concerned it could be a pallet of cement, a pallet of sand , a pallet of bricks or it could be your lovely brand new electric couch. In these instances it is important to be aware that some strong hands may be required to get the item indoors as often the driver is not covered by insurance to allow him to help lift the item indoors.

Prevention is the best cure for strain injuries

From time to time we see in our Cash and Carry a salon owner, salon employee or perhaps maybe a retired hairdresser who is mildly suffering with what could best be described as a repetitive strain type of injury. Whether it be the back, hips, fingers or elbow, anyone performing a repetitive task can be prone to a strain type of injury on any part of the body. Prevention is the best cure for strain injuries and people should be aware that their body positioning and they way they perform their actions can lead to strain over time if not correctly adjusted. These mild injuries rarely, but sometimes can, lead to something slightly more debilitating in later life for an unfortunate few. It is therefore an important consideration for every salon owner and every employee to ensure that they have good work practices to minimise any strain / stress which could lead to strain and perhaps time off work, which of course nobody wants.

Factors that can help prevent this are many. Using an example of a hair stylist cutting hair. The action of ensuring the client is at a comfortable height is a simple but important factor that can help prevent strain and unnecessary stretching before the cutting even starts. Rather than just ‘make do’, stylists should spend a few extra seconds ensuring the client is at an exact comfortable and optimum height for the cutting process to reduce strain. Because the height of the client and the height of the stylist doing the cutting varies, this is something that should be done at every sitting. This is most easily accomplished using a hydraulic chair rather than a gas lift chair which is why we always prefer to advise customers that given a choice, the hydraulic chair will win hands down. Gas lift chairs can also suit this purpose but it just takes a little longer to achieve and requires a greater degree of co-operation of the seated client. Coincidently, while we are on the subject of mentioning hair cutting stylists, it is also important that the stylists scissors they use sits comfortably in their hand. Cutting a clients hair is a very repetitive action which uses many of the the muscles in the hands, arm and shoulder. Having the correct size hairdressing scissors which feel comfortable in the hands is also a ergonomic consideration which helps prevent strain.

All salon owners should also ensure that their employees know correct lifting techniques. Even lifting a dropped comb of the floor could cause a back injury if the correct techniques which entails straight back and bent knees are not used. Remember, prevention is the best cure for avoiding strain and repetitive strain injuries.

The moral of the story is that nothing should be taken for granted and education is the key. The internet is a great source and if unsure of what can be done to ensure proper practices are used within a salon it is a great place to start and find out where to go for advice and education.
[ Repetitive Strain Injury Wikipedia ]

Buying Hairdressing Scissors

Professionals who use hand-tools have a few items that they would call tools of the trade or more specifically tools for their trade. It would be true to say that hairdressing scissors fall into this category within the hair styling side of the beauty industry.  The amount of different scissor brands advertised nowadays, never mind the vast choice within those brands, can often can give newly qualified professional hairdressers a headache when it comes to that point in time where they want to invest in a more expensive and better quality pair of scissors.

As a rule of thumb sellers of scissors normally will advise people to buy and use a scissor that feels good in their hand. What feels good is a question that has been asked many times before? Well, the answer to that question is subjective but it is best experienced by trying a couple of inexpensive scissors in your hand and then comparing the feel against a few pairs of high quality German or Japanese scissors. You will find it hard not to notice a big difference in ‘feel’ and perceived quality.  Again as a rule of thumb expensive quality scissors tend to have a manufacturing process that ensures that the hardness and sharpness of the blades of the scissor ensure that they stay sharp longer and need to be resharpened less frequently. As I have mentioned sharpening, it is imperative that scissor owners realise that many of the expensive scissors are hand finished and when it comes to sharpening time, they can be ruined in seconds by a none-authorised scissor sharpener. If this happens it is time to buy a new pair because the damage can seldom be rectified. Always use a recognised professional hairdressing scissor sharpening service. If you don’t you will probably live to regret it. This advice also appliers to less expensive scissors.

Scissors can also have differing design features. Apart from obvious difference between thinners and scissors there are also various cutting blade types available and also differing type designs, such as offset and crane, of the scissor itself. Blades can be sliced [honed – like a razor edge] , serrated [notched], combinations of both and hollow ground [bevelled edge].
Apart from the normal familiar design of scissor there are the offset type where the finger-rings are a different lengths and curved crane design scissors. Both offset and crane design are claimed to be more ergonomic in terms of comfort while cutting the hair.
Regarding the scissor length, this is measured from the scissor tip to the end of the longest finger ring. This length does not include the finger rest if there is one attached to the scissor ring. The length that the stylist prefers is optional and could depend upon the size of the hand and the style of haircutting. Once again the ‘feel’ of the scissor comes into the equation. Generally speaking, gentlemen’s barbers tend to use a longer length of scissor.

Once a stylist has chosen his or her preferred scissor, uses it frequently and is happy with it, you will find they tend to replace it with the same scissor make, style and size once it reaches its eventual end of life.