Beauty machines for treatments

Within an ever advancing equipment range for high end beauty treatments are items which use radio frequency for skin tightening and body contouring. This is one of the fastest growing segments within the beauty industry. Versatile and efficient devices which are simple and safe with minimum recovery time.

Another popular type of beauty treatment uses electrolifting for face and body. This can produce visible results with facial lifting and muscular toning for either face or face and body.

Another treatment is Electroepilation using Apilus radio frequency. This method allows complete and 100 percent permanent hair removal. The insertion of a probe in the hair follicle and an ultra fast radiofrequency current leads to the destruction of cells responsible for hair regrowth. Ideal for treating small areas, eyebrows and fine hairs, as well as clients who cannot receive photoepilation treatments.

Photo-Rejuvenation treatments will diminish skin imperferations and give your client a youthful appearance. After only a few sessions, wrinkles, fine lines, large open pores, dark spots, couperose and red blemishes will be visibly reduced, also improves skin firmness by stimulating collagen-producing cells.

Apilus Radio Frequency for Therocoalagulation is another modern treatment. This is a precision treatment to coagulate superficial skin imperfections, reducing their appearance. Perfect for correcting vascular imperfections, telangiectasias, stellate angiomas, cherry angiomas, certain growths including papillomas and molluscums and pigmentary anomalies.

Also available to purchase are steam machines, Microdermabrasion machines, nail machines and many others, instrumental in maintaining beauty care. Many of these can be found via our Beauty Machines area on the website.