Christmas Cheer

Christmas 2016 will be soon upon us and it certainly feels not so long ago we were thinking the same last year. It has been a ‘odd’ sort of year and with the British pound losing ground to other market currencies recently a probable rise in price of imported goods from European markets due to Brexit is envisaged. We expect that overall, prices in the hair and beauty industry will increase more than we would normally expect. Certainly many of our industry ‘wet’ products are currently obtained from within the European market and already we are seeing increases from some of our suppliers above that what we would expect. Maybe now is a very good time to buy in any extra stock in before inevitable price increases in the New Year onwards.

Salon Sales will always attempt to give the best possible competitive prices for our products to all our customers and with this in mind why not have another look at our current items for sale. We believe in giving good prices to our customers all year around not just during so called ‘Vat free’ sales like some of our competitors. As many of you will already know sales of items within the Vat band always have Vat applied to them and if those ‘Vat free’ sales were actually really ‘free’, some industry suppliers would certainly be getting a not so friendly visit from HMRC. Only massive corporations seem to be able get away with ‘Tax avoidance’ and all businesses in the small and medium bracket on the UK stage certainly have little choice but to pay their tax dues on all sales.

As a trade wholesale supplier, all the items on our website are initially displayed without VAT added. During the check out process a summery page will show the total cost payable inclusive of VAT. Because businesses normally can claim the Vat element back on their purchases the true cost to the business is shown initially without the Vat applied.

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you.