Jungle Fever Hair Colour

Salon Sales are introducing a new range of quality permanent tints called ‘Jungle Fever’ hair colour. Jungle Fever is replacing the ageing CDC Compagnia Del Colore range that was previously stocked.

Jungle Fever permanent colours are supplied in 100ml tubes and mixed with peroxide in the ratios of:-

1 part tint to 1.5 parts of peroxide for normal colouring and 1 part tint to 2.5 parts of peroxide for high lift colouring

This means a total mix of 250ml to 350mls which compared to 120ml to 150mls for standard 60ml colour tubes is over twice the amount of usable product at a much better price.

With over 114 shades this highly competitive range is sure to please.

With its distinctive black and white striped packaging this new Italian range of permanent colour is flying off the shelves. This new range is available from Here