Ordering of large salon equipment and furniture

A significant part of a budget for equipping or maybe refurbishing a salon, beauty college or academy is the ordering of salon equipment and furniture. To provide buyers with an affordable choice it is important that requirements as well as their budget is met. Most wholesale trade suppliers will not hold a massive amount of bulky equipment in locally held stock and prefer instead for larger items to be stored in a warehouse ready to be sent out or ordered directly from the manufacturer, especially if they are made to order items. Many suppliers of salon equipment and furniture of this will type try to ensure that a suitable choice selection is available at any given price point.

For example REM equipment and furniture have a wide range of items that are made to order. When there is an available colour choice within a desired furniture or salon equipment item it could mean that the items are made to order and the manufacturing time as well as the delivery schedule should always be taken into consideration when deciding to place the  order. Made to order items can often have inherent delays which vary between manufacturer and good advice is to always order your items in advance and in good time. Most experienced suppliers can normally give a good indication of schedule / delivery for any given item and any date given will have been already affected due to  time of year and the amount of current orders in the manufacturers system.  Made to order items ordered in advance can normally be delayed to meet a suitable customer deadline but they can rarely be speeded up due to the strict manufacturing process. Please note, however, that when an item is made to order and that item has been made, the order cannot be subsequently cancelled and it is wise to ensure all your requirements are met before placing any order. We tend advise you contact the manufacturer for suitability for your requirements.

Stones for Hot Stone Therapy

Becoming very popular as a beauty treatment is the use of hot rock stone therapy. The homoeopathic pampering provides a hot stone therapy remedy dating back thousands of years. The application of stones as a hot rock stone therapy is called a thermo-therapeutic massage.
Relaxing with the stones

During the treatment heat penetrates the muscles to ease tension and helps people to relax, eases muscular aches and pains, relieves stress and also encourages circulation. The hot stones used in the therapy are usually made of basalt, an iron based rock which absorbs the heat as well as retaining it. These flat and smooth stones come in various sizes and the warmth given off by the stones relax the muscle, improves circulation and calms the nervous system. Many clients find it a totally relaxing experience.