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Salon Finance & Leasing

Salon Sales Ltd accept the following payment options.
Credit/Debit card, BACS, CHAPS, Cheque but a consideration for larger orders for limited companies is leasing.

If you are a Limited Company opening a new salon or refitting an existing salon, leasing is a excellent tax efficient option.

Advantages of leasing via Salon Sales Ltd:

  • Leasing payments are a 100% allowable business expense (They are rental payments). If you have a profitable business, leasing payments reduce the your tax bill for each year of the contract. Because lease payments are treated as an allowable business expense they attract tax relief for the full duration of the lease agreement.

  • Leasing payments are fixed at the start of the contract and do not change during the leasing period. If general interest rates increase it will not affect your payments and so enables you to budget your cash flow more effectively. Because your payments are fixed, if inflation rises, the cost of the equipment reduces in real money terms. Also it can enable you to buget your cash flow accurately.

  • Leasing can enable you to save your cash for other important purchases such as general stock, training, advertising any other opportunities.

  • All payments are made by direct debit and you only need to pay a small deposit with a lease agreement. By only requiring a relatively small initial deposit you can, if you so wish, choose top quality equipment with only a small initial cash outlay.

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