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Salon furniture and equipment:

Reception area

Purchasing salon equipment and furniture is a significant part of any budget when either equipping or refurbishing a hairdresser salon or college. A salon area is becoming a standard requirement within many modern nursing homes where the elderly have their hair cared for on-site. Most high street hair salon planned designs require a waiting area / reception furniture area where the client can book in their appointment and wait to be dealt with. For salon owners requiring a reception desk we have a range from various manufacturers. Many reception desks are made to order in a laminate colour of your choice. Should you require a desk for your salon please choose in the Reception Desk sales area on our site. To compliment your chosen desk we also have other waiting area items to choose from and many of these waiting area seats, couches and benches have a colour fabric choice that you can select to match your beautiful new salon décor.

When there is a colour choice items are often made to order and this should always be taken into general consideration when placing your order. Made to order items often will have inherent delays due to the manufacturing process and our advice is always order in good time. Salon equipment and furniture deliveries can always be delayed to meet a customers deadline but rarely can be speeded up due to the manufacturing process.

Styling Mirror units

To compliment your salon décor we have a range of salon styling mirror units, some of which are also made to order with a laminate colour choice. Salon mirrors with colour choice, again, may take longer to deliver due to the manufacturing delay. However, there are many salon styling mirror units we supply which are metallic, none laminate or have a set colour laminate item that are ready made and available for immediate delivery.

For barber salons the popular salon furniture mirror choice is the 'REM' Duke Barber mirror units although we expect the newer designed Boss Barber units will prove to be just as popular. Styling mirrors can be wall mounted which are single sided or an island type mirror unit which is designed for central positioning in the floor area and has mirrors on both sides. Usually these are just two positioned mirror units [one position each side] and these often have a central storage section either side of the styling mirror to aid overall stability. These island mirror units are either bolted to the floor or fixed to the ceiling.

Barber Chairs

Gentleman barber salon designs historically come complete with an item of salon furniture known as the Barber chair. Many barber chairs are relatively bigger and stronger than the average hairdressing styling chair with a view to accommodating a 'larger gentleman'. Some barber chairs are used for basic mens haircutting and styling but many have a reclining feature which allows among other things the client to have a wet shave in a lean-back position. Within our website we have an extensive choice of barber chairs to choose in all shapes and sizes and prices to match your budget.

Salon Wash units (washpoint) / Backwashes

Within most hairdressing salons the hair wash area is fitted with an item of furniture known as the salon backwash or wash point although some premises may contain a fitted frontwash basin or a stand alone front wash pedestal station. The frontwash basin style pedestal unit basin tends to be less deep than the backwash style of basin and the client has their hair washed by leaning forward into the basin. This can be accomplished by standing or more usually by leaning forward while sitting on a normal salon chair. The fitted backwash type of salon wash unit comes complete with fitted seat and has a deeper basin than the frontwash style basin unit and the attached backwash chair seat can also often slide into position. A backwash basin normally has an adjustable tilt mechanism underneath the basin which allows the client to be maintained in a comfortable washing position by the salon staff. In some more expensive complete backwash style units there can be added features like vibration and back massage and even an electric footrest to provide a better comfort experience for the client. Again, a stand alone pedestal style backwash are also available which needs to be complimented with a separately connected reclining backwash chair. These can be viewed in the salon styling chair area of the website as well as the washpoint area.

Salon styling chairs

Hairdressing chairs come in many shapes and sizes and can vary in price considerably. Because clients and hairdressing stylists also have differing height sizes, the head level of the client becomes an important dynamic which needs to be adjusted for each customer. This is achieved by raising and lowering the styling seat height to meet a comfortable working level for the hairdressing stylist. The styling chair seat height is achieved by raising and lowering the stem between the seat and the base. The most popular design for doing this is the hydraulic lift stem which allows the customer to be raised and lowered while seated on the chair. A relatively less expensive design that is still popular due to price is the gas lift stem sysem which works similar to an office chair. In this scenario the weight has to be removed off the chair to raise the seat and weigh has to be applied to lower it. This is achieved via levers under the chair. Relative lower costs for hydraulics lift chairs in recent years have seen hydraulic styling chairs being sold in greater proportions over that of the gas lift. Similar to other salon furniture these styling seats can be made to order in a choice of colour or can be ‘sitting on a shelf’ ready to be sent out in a standard colour - normally black. The most popular colour for a styling chair is black and some manufactures will give the buyer a choice of base. The most popular base is the five [5] star base although square, circular [disc] and kidney shaped designs are available from some salon equipment manufacturers. Made to order styling chairs will always take longer to deliver for obvious reasons.

Also available in the salon equipment and salon furniture area are salon footrests, salon stools, hairdressing trolleys, salon hood dryers, free-standing and wall mounted and magazine and towel racks. These complete the accessories a modern salon owner and hairdresser requires.

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